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“Integrated Knowledge Chart” song—About the Chart

The chart below, “Unfolding the Infinite Potential of Life Through an Integrated Approach,”  is the subject of the song “Integrated Knowledge Chart,” on the album of songs From Here to Here, composed and performed by Emily Levin.

The chart displays the integration of the objective knowledge of modern science with the subjective knowledge and experience of the total potential of natural law, through the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This chart illustrates for four disciplines that the more surface levels of nature are shown to have their basis in more fundamental, holistic layers of natural law. In the area of physics the foundational level of nature’s functioning is identified as the unified field of all the laws of nature, the understanding of which has continued to advance in the last 30 years.

In its historical context, this chart can be viewed as an important stage in the development of a complete graphic representation of the relationship between objective and subjective knowledge: Just a few years later Maharishi developed the Unified Field Chart, which displays the holistic, more unified levels of natural law in greater detail; and that all levels of reality investigated in the modern disciplines have their basis in one unified field of all the laws of nature, directly experienced in individual awareness through the Technology of Consciousness.


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Text From the Chart Above

“Unfolding the Infinite Potential of Life Through an Integrated Approach”



Modern physics has discovered two distinctly different levels of reality, the classical and the quantum-mechanical. Classical physics describes the concrete reality of physical phenomena.


Quantum mechanics describes the unmanifest field of natural law—the underlying dynamics of intelligence governing the entire range of the physical world. This is a level of unmanifest reality characterized by unitary transformations, in which knowledge is dynamically preserved.

The discovery of these two levels of reality through the objective approach of modern physics provides an understanding of the full range of natural law arising from the unmanifest unified field—the total potential of natural law.

Chart of the Unification of the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature

• Electro-magnetism

• Weak Interaction

• Strong Interaction

• Gravitation

[These have their basis in]

• Supergravity, the unified field of all the forces of nature:



Modern chemistry, the science of interaction, has discovered two distinctly different levels of reality, the classical and quantum-chemical.

Chemical chemistry describes the concrete reality of chemical phenomena; it analyzes the different forms of matter in terms of localized states and individual components.


• Quantum chemistry has located a more fundamental unlocalized reality in which component parts are inseparable—an unmanifest field of infinite correlation, which is ultimately responsible for the structure and the interactions of the constituents of matter (elementary particles, atoms, and molecules.)

• The lively connection between these two levels, unfolded through the subjective approach of modern chemistry, provides an understanding of the infinite range of possibilities arising from the quantum-mechanical level—the total potential of natural law.




Modern mathematics, the science of exactness, has discovered two distinctly different levels of mathematical reality—the finite and the infinite—each with its own exact structure.

The finite field is the manifest field of mathematics—the concrete discrete reality of the finite symbolic expressions and mechanical computational procedures for manipulating these expressions.


Beyond the range of these finite values, set theory has intellectually located a more fundamental and comprehensive unmanifest mathematical reality—an abstract field of infinite totalities displaying both continuous and discrete values of structure.

• The unified understanding of the finite and infinite levels of reality provided by the objective analytic approach of set theory locates the full range of mathematical possibilities in the transcendental wholeness of mathematics, the universe of sets—the total potential of natural law.

• The principles of set theory describe the self-referral dynamics of intelligence that generates from within itself all values of mathematical structure, both finite and infinite, discrete and continuous.




Modern physiology has discovered two distinctly levels of biological organizations—the level of expressed physiological structures and functions, and the unexpressed total potential of genetic information contained in DNA.

The expressed level of physiology is described with reference in the organs, tissues, cells, and biochemical pathways, which make up a living organism.



• In the metabolically silent and stable DNA molecule, physiology has located the underlying source of knowledge and organizing power, which governs the development and maintenance of every physiological structure and function. All physiological processes are ultimately referred back to their source in the knowledge within DNA.

• The discovery of these two levels of biological reality—the simplicity of the unified structure of knowledge in DNA, and its diverse expressions in the infinite complexity of human physiology—revealed by the objective approach of modern physiology, provides an understanding that the full range of natural law is available in its concentrated state in DNA—the total potential of natural law.




The subjective approach to knowledge really does justice to knowledge. It presents knowledge in its completeness. It contrasts with the objective approach to knowledge on two levels: first, it has the ability to present total knowledge of the complete reality of both knower and known: secondly, it does not overshadow the knowledge of the knower in order to present the knowledge of the known.

Any knowledge may be viewed as a qualified state of the knower. The phenomenon of gaining knowledge or experience is best understood when analyzed as consciousness identifying itself with the quality of the object and experiencing the object as the object is imprinted on the level of consciousness. The process of transcending step by step reduces the intensity of impression of the object, until the finest trace of impression fades away and the consciousness is left to itself completely identified with its own pure nature. This is transcendental consciousness, the self-referral state of consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation unfolds the knowledge of the finer levels of thought through direct experience until the finest qualified state is transcended and consciousness experiences its own self-referral unqualified state.

The practice of Transcendental Meditation provides an opportunity for consciousness to experience its qualified and unqualified status. The practice of the TM-Sidhi programme provides an opportunity for consciousness to create qualified states from its unqualified state at will.

It is obvious that the transformation of unqualified pure consciousness into any qualified state must involve the activity of specific laws of nature. As consciousness becomes more and more clearly aware of the process of its transformation, it becomes more and more familiar with the activities of the specific laws of nature which govern this transformation, As the practice advances, consciousness becomes more and more awake to the details of the activity of the different laws of nature, until a state of full awakening is reached in which the diversified activity of the laws of nature does not overshadow the unified state of natural law and consciousness blossoms in its total potential. Functioning from within the range of different laws of nature, it remains completely and constantly in tune with the unqualified value of its pure nature.

This is what we call the enlivenment of the total potential of natural law in human consciousness—mas­tery over natural law, life in accord with all the laws of nature, the field of all possibilities in individual life.


This display has presented two levels of reality, classical and quantum-mechanical, as understood by physics, chemistry, mathematics and physiology. Modern science explains through its objective approach the reality of the whole range of creation and the discovery of the self-referral, quantum-mechanical field at the unmanifest basis of creation as the ultimate reality of all levels of creation.

This finding of modern science, that the classical is essentially quantum-mechanical, has unified all levels of classical reality as expressions of the same unmanifest quantum-mechanical reality, but nevertheless the observer remains completely separate from the object, even at its most fundamental, quantum-mechanical level. That means the object has been raised to the full potential of natural law, but the observer remains yet unidentified with it.

Transcendental Meditation rejoices in the unification by the disciplines of modern science of all levels of the object in the unmanifest, quantum-mechanical, self-referral field and identifies this field with the self-referral, quantum-mechanical nature of the observer himself. This final stroke of integration of the quantum-mechanical level of the observed with the Self, the observer, in the simplest form of human awareness, establishes the Self as the only reality and bestows to everyone mastery over natural law.

The means in the ultimate stage the object has merged in the value of the subject and the subject remains open to itself in its own self-referral state. The objective approach does not succeed in creating a conscious relationship between the subject and the object. That is the reason why the objective approach has not contributed to enliven the full creative potential of subjectivity in man. Due to this, the infinite organizing power enlivened in the structure of pure knowledge did not blossom in day-to-day life. This deficiency of knowledge of the unified field gained through the objective approach has been eliminated.

Fortunately, the subjective approach of the technology of consciousness—the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme—opens human awareness to this unified field of natural law and provides an opportunity for the infinite organizing power of nature present in the structure of the unified field to become lively and supporting every impulse of thought and action, enabling life to be spontaneously lived in accordance with all the laws of nature.